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Investing in compliance with the Vietnamese law on the environmental protection

As provided by the United Nations Organization, Vietnam seeks to implement a sustainable development. If this country is in constant economic growth, Vietnam still has to improve, as every country, its environmental pillar. In this extend, the legislator implemented a new law in 2020 providing for rules about environmental


Being an investor, you will have to follow the principles and regulations provided by the laws of your project obtains the validation of the administrative authority in charge of authorizing the investment project.

This article will focus on a quick sum-up of the general principles on environmental protection provided by

this law before setting-up a timetable of the concrete steps you should follow to start your project in Vietnam.

I-General principles on environmental protection provided by this law

1-The scope. This law provides for rights, obligations and responsibilities for agencies, organizations, residential communities, households and individuals involved in environmental protection activities.

2-General principles. Environmental protection is defined as a right, obligation and responsibility of every agency, organization, residential community, household and individual.This protection has to be carried out in a regular, public and transparent manner.

3-Prohibited acts. in the same perspective of protection of the environment, as for example:

•discharging wastewater and exhaust gazes that have yet to be treated according to technical

regulations on environment into the environment

•generating noise and vibration in excess of the permissible level stipulated in technical regulations on environment

•sabotaging or infringing upon natural heritage sites

•manufacturing and trading products harmful to humans, creatures and nature

•manufacturer and using raw materials and building materials containing toxic factors in excess of the permissible level prescribed in technical regulations on environment

4-Role of the investment. As the object of this study is to provide for some guidelines for the investors,it would be important to consider the effects that this law has on the process of investing in Vietnam, but also its effect on the progress of the investment.

II-The steps to follow : a table

Step 1 : determine from which group you are

As this law provides for a new classification of the projects of investment depending on how harmful they are for the environment, we propose you to follow this first step.

Once you have determined to which group you belong, here are the rules to follow depending on the group you are from:

-Marie Genot


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